Heyward Wescott

Heyward and Kristen have called Dunwoody home for over two decades. Just recently Heyward helped start the Dunwoody Police Foundation. He has also served on the City of Dunwoody’s Planning commission¬†as Vice Chair and is also past Chair of the Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber. He led the effort to change the city logo when they moved the city hall to its new home at no cost to the taxpayers. These are some of the examples of why Heyward would be great for the city council.




Great schools are the cornerstone for prosperous communities. It is important that we push our desires for less overcrowding and at the same time try to collaborate to make the best possible outcome for our children’s education.


I pride myself on being fiscally prudent and pledge to stay focused on keeping our property taxes low.


We will strike a balance between promoting economic opportunities while preserving our unique, small-town feel for a vibrant Dunwoody.


By strategically reinvesting in our roads, intersections and parks, we will improve the quality of life for all Dunwoody citizens.